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Friendships Born in Houston: Celebrating Heather

I took a little hiatus on sharing some of my beloved Houston friends, but it’s just not fair to keep Heather from you any longer.

Heather and her husband, Michael, are the two most selflessly hospitable people I know. They don’t just host people in their home occasionally or halfheartedly; they host friends multiple times a week, spending their time after work cooking or Saturday mornings making coffee for their super fun IHOC – International House of Coffee. Think brunch + as many different kinds of coffee as your caffeine meter can handle + hanging out with old friends and new. That’s my kind of event. Their home is a safe place. It’s a place where people get to choose their own mug to sip from and where conversation flows effortlessly.

Michael and Heather host a community group each week, and Alex and I were blessed to be part of it for 3 years. On weeks when we couldn’t make it, Heather would still text me during prayer time asking how she could pray for me that week. In fact, she still does that now, and I am grateful.

In short, Heather makes Houston better. She has made my life better by inviting me to open up my real self in conversation and prayer in her living room, even though she knew I was just passing through. And she has taught me much about the beauty of hospitality. Meet Heather!

Occupation: Geosciences Analyst Coordinator for a petroleum consulting firm (it’s Houston – gotta love oil & gas!)

Has lived in Houston: All my life except while in the promised land of Aggieland 😉

Favorite thing about living in Houston: I think Houston is a great place to live! We have a strong economy, the conveniences of a big city, access to culture, diversity in the population, and fantastic restaurants. OH – but you asked for a favorite…oops. If I can just pick one, it has to be the restaurants.

Biggest Houston pet peeve: Honestly, I struggle with the fact that a lot of people don’t stay. I’m finding that a lot of people are “just passing through.” A lot of my favorite people have left or are leaving… a side benefit is that my husband and I have a lot of places we can travel and visit friends! Sar’s note: Tears. But Heather and Michael now have a place to stay in east Texas!

What Heather is reading lately: Weeeeelllll, I don’t actually have much time to read, so I listen to audiobooks while I’m driving or walking. I’m working through another “Bible in a Year” plan, I just finished a listen through the Harry Potter series again, and I’m listening to The Reason for God by Tim Keller. I have started Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and I’m looking for another good fiction… any suggestions? 🙂

How she recharges: I love to travel! It is my favorite hobby, but it isn’t always practical. On a regular day, I recharge by having a cup of coffee in the lawn chairs with my husband or by spending some quality time with good friends playing a board game. On my commute this morning, I spent the time praying for a few of my friends instead of listening to a book, and that was pretty refreshing, too.

3 things she’s loving: God opened my eyes to the fact these recent months are a really sweet time and I should enjoy them as much as I can. I’m thankful to have realized that during the sweet days and not after they’d already passed. 🙂 We have two couples who are good friends of ours leaving in the next two months, so I’m loving opportunities to spend time with them. I’m also loving my workouts, and I’m loving spending a little extra time with my husband.

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