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Friendship Born in Houston: Celebrating Moriah

It’s been so fun sharing some of my friends with you these past couple of months! As I reflect on my season in Houston and transition into a new city, I am more grateful than ever for good friendships and for how God has brought such awesome ladies into my life.

As a wrap to this little series, I want to share Moriah with you. Moriah and I met through church in 2012 and were roommates the six months before Alex and I married. She is the reason I volunteered in the middle school ministry, as she nudged me about it one too many times until I gave in and roped Alex in too. ?

Moriah is a friend of strong convictions, and I love that about her. Her convictions aren’t just faith related, though her beliefs are unshakable. She also feels strongly about the goodness of cats, Houston, Bruce Springsteen, and more. She values quality time and has taught me to do the same. She loves people so well. She answers the hard questions thrown out by middle school girls with wisdom and truth every time. It does my soul good to be around her, and while I’m sad to no longer live in the same city, I know there are reunions in our future. Below is a little more about this super fun friend. Her recent reads are now on my what to read next list!

Occupation: HR Coordinator at Francesca’s

Years in Houston: 27 years in greater Houston area!

Favorite Thing About Living in Houston: The food, shopping, breweries, and my family!

Biggest Houston Pet Peeve: Traffic.

Recent Reads: Hamilton and Seeking Allah Finding Jesus. Next up is Between Heaven & the Real World.

How She Recharges: Reading on Saturday mornings.

3 Things She’s Loving: Succulents, my new book light, and cats.

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