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Favorite Things Friday: Harvey Relief


My heart aches for those throughout the state who have been displaced from their homes, who have lost decades worth of treasures and tangible memories, and for those who have lost their lives in the hurricane chaos. This is a very real and continuing storm for so many. If you’re like me, it has been gut-wrenching to sit back and watch Hurricane Harvey wreck Houston and other parts of Southeast Texas. Houston was my home three months ago. I’m constantly thinking about my former neighbors, church, co-workers, my community.

One beacon of light we get to see is that, in the middle of all of this brokenness, people are helping people. They are linking arms in the name of community and love. What a sight for sore eyes. So, my favorite things lately are ways that we, ordinary people, perhaps people not physically affected by Harvey, can do extraordinary things. There are tons of ways to reach out and link arms, even if you’re hours or states or continents away. Here are three.

  • Give. Bethel Church of Houston, my former church, has a benevolence fund for Hurricane Harvey relief. If you’d like to give money and ensure it’s going fully to families who need it, this is perfect. Check it out here.
  • Eat lunch at an East TX Whataburger today. From 11 am – 1 pm today, 100% of proceeds at 32 East Texas Whataburger locations will be going to the East TX Food Bank for their Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Click here for info and the list of locations.
  • Purchase a shirt with a purpose. Through the end of September, all proceeds from the sales of Magnolia Market’s “Texas Forever” T-shirt will be donated to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts.

We are praying for you, hurricane victims! Stay strong.


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