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the happy hour LIVE! and Saying Yes

Have you ever stumbled upon a Best Day Ever kind of day? A day so unbelievably and perhaps unexpectedly splendid that you are totally in the moment, listening to every word, smelling every scent, tasting every morsel, enjoying every minute? I think these days can (and should!) happen more than once, but they are rare, and you can’t force them.

Friday was a Best Day Ever kind of day. My dear friend Ashley flew down from Illinois, and we  attended the happy hour LIVE! with Jamie Ivey just outside of Austin in Elgin, Texas. Since becoming faithful fans of Jamie’s podcast, Ashley and I have had this event on our bucket list. I am so grateful we had the opportunity to make it happen! The 30 hours we spent together after eight whole months apart was invaluable, and the event was all I had hoped it would be and more.

We got all gussied up, stepped onto the Pinterest perfect Green Acres scene, had our photos taken in the photo bus, talked with the gracious and lovely Jamie, noshed on a delicious Venezuelan dinner by Four Brothers in Austin, dove into our swag bags of so many goodies including Noonday earrings and a She Reads Truth Bible(!), and gathered under the stars with over 100 other women who love Jesus and love to laugh. (Side note: new bucket list item is to go glamping at Green Acres.)

In the words of Jamie herself, the night was “an amazing beat down.” It was one of those magical settings that made me pause with gratitude and awe at getting to be included. I felt pretty. I felt joyful being surrounded by lots of smiling women. Best of all, I felt community. Community is its own kind of fun. I need it badly. And God knows that.

In Annie Downs’ book Let’s All Be Brave, she writes about how she promised herself she’d say yes to all opportunities to be with new people when she first moved to Nashville. So lately, back in Tyler, God is sending this introverted girl opportunities to say yes to community – through going back to a vibrant, local church even though I haven’t tried all the other ones, through the local women’s Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and through invitations to do this or that with new friends and with old friends passing through – a picnic, a meal at home, an impromptu visit to the zoo, even to babysit for an hour. Of course, I can and want to take the initiative at times to reach out to others, but how sweet it is of Jesus to give us opportunities to say yes.

What opportunities has He given you lately?

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