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Fall Bucket List


Happy first day of fall! Here in Texas, the weather isn’t what one would call “crisp” yet, but I have this hope that East Texas fall will be closer to Arkansas fall than Houston fall. Like, I’m hoping some leaves will change and it won’t be humid and 85 in November. And I hope I get a chance to wear my flannel shirt while the bump still fits inside.


A deep desire of mine is to make the most of every moment in every season of the year and season of life. Don’t we all want that?

One way I make this more manageable is by writing down my hopes and “to-do’s” – a bucket list if you will. I’m ticking items off my 30 by 30 bucket list, and it’s been really fun.

When I finish an item on the list below, I’ll color in the leaf beside that item. I encourage you to make your own list as a way to savor the season. Here’s to a fall 2017 marked by joy and purpose!

  1. Attend a fall festival
  2. Hike at Tyler State Park
  3. Try out 5 new chili/soup recipes
  4. Bake something yummy and deliver to my neighbors
  5. Make an Oktoberfest themed dinner
  6. Get good at the side braid
  7. Bake scones
  8. Attend a football game
  9. Build a gratitude list
  10. DIY Halloween costume
  11. Knit something
  12. Picnic in the park
  13. Host a chili night
  14. Volunteer in my community
  15. DIY fall garland
  16. Visit the farmers market
  17. At-home movie night
  18. Make a fall wreath
  19. Take a family photo
  20. Make something S’mores themed
  21. Write a short story
  22. Make a crock pot air freshener like this

What’s on your fall bucket list??



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