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Favorite Things Friday: Podcasts

I have been loving podcasts lately. First it was The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey (still is of course) and The Runner’s World Show, but I’ve branched out over the past few months and been introduced to or discovered a few other solid favorites. I always learn something new and love that I can do other things while listening like exercise, fold laundry, or cook. Try these out and let me know what you think! Then, tell me which podcasts you’re loving!

  • In Journeywomen, University of Arkansas alumna (love that) Hunter Beless chats with mentors about “gracefully navigating the seasons and challenges we face on our journeys to glorify God.” I feel like Hunter is one of the best podcast hosts around. Her humility and desire to glorify God burst through every episode. It’s like she is soaking up the guest’s every word right alongside the listener. Each guest also shares her 3 simple joys at the end, and that’s always fun.

  • How I Built This with Guy Raz from NPR tells the stories behind some of the world’s most well-known companies with interviews from the founders themselves. Some of my favorite episodes so far have been with the founders of Starbucks, Five Guys, and TOMS. I want to listen to the ones on Airbnb and Southwest Airlines next.

  • Glorious in the Mundane  is hosted by singer/songwriter Christy Nockels, and every episode is so heartfelt. Don’t you love the theme “glorious in the mundane?” It’s what I want to uncover in every one of my days, no matter my circumstance or season. Sometimes Christy shares what’s on her heart around this theme and other times she interviews a guest. Sometimes she shares her music…and it’s beautiful!

  • That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs is such a lovable podcast. Annie says the first thing she thinks when she wakes up in the morning is, “What will be fun today?” I love that. On the podcast, she shares her favorite things and interviews her friends about everything from their fave books and restaurants to their stories of salvation. By the end an episode, you will feel like Annie’s friend and also care a little bit more about having fun.

  • The Purposeful Home Podcast is great for those in the thick of motherhood (or on the cusp like me) or even just in the middle of busy adult life. Hosts Allie and Kelsey give practical tips on managing time and a home and do a really good job of reminding us of how intention is the name of the game – not perfection or comparison.

Happy almost weekend! My project this weekend is to go through the last of our unpacked boxes, which have conveniently been hiding out in Baby B’s room. It’s time to start getting our girly’s room ready! You can bet I’ll be multitasking by listening to a podcast or two. Don’t forget to comment with your favorite podcasts!



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