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Favorite Things Friday: FALL

We’ve had a couple of brisk mornings this week. I’ll take it. But the calendar says it’s is in full swing, so let’s talk FALL! Here are five things I’m loving lately and think you will, too!

Clockwise from top left: Pumpkin Spice Tea, Lauren B. Beauty nail polish in L.A. Smog, Old Navy Women’s Plaid Flannel Shirt, Noonday Daybreak Earrings, and coconut cream.
  • The Republic of Tea’s Pumpkin Spice Tea – Of course you love anything pumpkin spice, right? I’d like to encourage you to branch out from coffee to tea. My mom thoughtfully gave me this tea when I was in Arkansas a couple of weeks ago, and it is soooooo good. Here’s how I like it best: Steep one bag for 4 minutes, then add a good splash of vanilla almond milk. It tastes rich and decadent but not too spicy or sweet. Add a teaspoon of honey if you want a little extra sweet. You can buy 50 tea bags in a cute reusable canister here. Makes a great gift! (Clearly. Thanks, Mom!)
  • Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in L.A. Smog – This is the best quality nail polish I’ve ever owned, and now I know why. I just found it on Amazon, and it’s not cheap. This came in my Causebox (another amazing gift idea btw) subscription last year. I forgot about it in the spring and summer and now that fall is here, the dark, smoggy color is so fun. Deep down I think wearing nail polish in “L.A. Smog” makes me feel tough. Maybe I’ll wear it during labor.

  • Old Navy Women’s Plaid Flannel Shirt – I went shopping with my stepmom, Dana, at Old Navy Labor Day weekend, and this shirt is one of my favorite finds. I was so pleased to see that long button downs and tunics are still “in,” because long shirt + leggings are the comfiest for me right now. Plus it feels efficient to wear clothes during pregnancy that aren’t strictly maternity. There are several colors to choose from in this style and many other button down styles this season.
  • Noonday Daybreak Earrings These earrings are my first piece from Noonday, and I am so impressed. I love that this company is making a difference by selling jewelry and accessories made by artisans around the world. These came in the goody bag I received at The Happy Hour Live event, and I’d love to save up and purchase other pieces as Christmas gifts for girls in my family. The quality is really great.
  • Coconut Cream in Coffee – Know what’s magic? Hot coffee blended with a spoonful of coconut cream. A recipe I made the other night called for a can of coconut milk. Mine was in the fridge, so I scooped out most of the top part (which is the cream) to save for this wonderful reason and used the rest of the milk for the Indian recipe. Using an immersion blender yields the frothiest coffee in my opinion.

Now I’m realizing that the only thing I personally bought out of these items was the $2 can of coconut cream. But that’s how gifts are supposed to be, right? Favorites.

Happy weekend, friends! I hope you get to do something fun. Alex and I are going to an alumni book talk at his college buddy’s house. The book? Frankenstein. I laughed at first, but I’m loving this read!!



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