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Favorite Things Friday

Who doesn’t love a solid recommendation? And on a Friday? “Favorite Things Friday” is an established thing according to the Internet. Here are three things I’m loving lately that are either free or cheap. I feel like it’s unfair to hold them back any longer. They’re that good. I hope you love them too.


The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: Go subscribe to this podcast TODAY. Whether you’re a mom, a single girl, married without kids, whatever, this podcast will encourage you to no end! Each week, host Jamie Ivey invites a guest to chat during a “happy hour” style conversation. She . The guests are entrepreneurs, writers, speakers, artists, wives and moms. They are normal women who are living out their dreams, saying yes to God, and seeing where it takes them. Two of my favorite episodes so far are #90 with Lauren Chandler and #98 with Katherine Wolf, but really I have enjoyed each one. The content is true to real life and at the same time opens my eyes to new businesses, issues and books. Jamie is funny and kind and just so real. I listen to a couple each week while running and is always a bright spot in my week.



Cucumber slices with lime and salt: Yes, for real. I partly love this simple snack because my friend Lindsay served it when I was at her house one grand summer day. Wash, peel and slice a cucumber. Arrange slices on a plate, sprinkle with sea salt and then squeeze the juice of 1/2 a lime over the top. So refreshing!




Starbucks 2016 Fall Blend “Hearty with Spice Notes” K-cups: My sweet stepmom sent me a fall package in the mail chock full of fall goodies, including these k-cups. The taste is bold, smooth and harvesty. A sip from your favorite mug will make you go, “Ahh, fall.”


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