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Why We Should Care About Having Fun

Stop what you’re doing and listen to the latest Journeywomen podcast with Annie F. Downs that came out yesterday. I’m not usually one to boss friends around, but trust me on this. It’s all about fun! As simple as the topic of “fun” sounds, the episode really impacted me.

Nashville based author and speaker Annie defines fun as “a shift in how you see the life you already have.” You mean I can think of the everyday tasks and “little” experiences I’m already having as fun?

Here’s a glimpse into Annie’s start to each day that I think we all can learn from:  “Waking up for me involves asking, ‘What is happening today, how is that fun, and what’s good about it?’Can I look at the life that God’s given me and find love and joy and peace in it?”

Can you imagine waking up every morning and asking yourself, “What’s going on today that will be fun?” Maybe you already do that. I don’t. This outlook reminds me of Christy Nockel’s quest to seek out “the glorious in the mundane,” which is something I feel God is nudging me to do lately.

But it’s not about having fun for self’s sake. Annie believes that her life’s calling is “to bring joy and fun into the lives of other people so that they will see God.” I love that. For more on Annie and the topic of fun, listen to her really, really good weekly podcast appropriately named That Sounds Fun.

And of course, listening to that podcast yesterday got me thinking about the everyday things in my life that can and should be fun. Today, that’s:

  • Feeling the cool fall air (something that’s new to us here in Texas) on a walk this morning
  • Doing yoga on a mat in the middle of my baby girl’s room
  • Writing a blog post
  • Going to the doctor’s office to check on Baby B.
  • Cozying up with a blanket, pumpkin spice tea, and a library book
  • Cooking dinner

Other recent/upcoming, everyday fun things I’m thinking about:

  • Going to the grocery store and picking out all kinds of colorful produce
  • Walking the trails near campus with friends
  • Organizing and setting up our baby girl’s room
  • Memorizing scripture
  • Seeing my belly grow beyond what seems possible
  • Attending childbirth classes (neeeever until now did I think this would go on a “that sounds fun” list)
  • Going on an evening walk with my husband
  • Dare I say it? Doing the dishes and wiping down the kitchen counters at the end of the day and facing a clean room in the morning

It’s your turn. What sounds fun to you??


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