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Welcome to my new little corner of the web. I’m grateful you stopped by! (Even if it’s just you, Mom. Still grateful.)

Why Blogging?
I want a place to put my thoughts out there in an effort to share what I’ll call “an inch of daylight,” a phrase I love and totally got from singer/songwriter JJ Heller. They are lyrics in her song “Daylight:”

There is an inch of daylight underneath the door
It’s enough for me to fill up my canteen. 

Why aninchofdaylight.com?
I love the imagery light portrays in literature and especially throughout the Bible. I love the way it links light to life (John 1.4) and Jesus Christ as the true light (1.9) that came and broke through the darkness of the world. The idea behind the phrase is that even an inch daylight brings such life, such hope. And in his mercy, God showing me even “an inch” of Him changes everything.

Why the Move?
In 2009, the summer after my sophomore year of college, I started a blog here. It was a great outlet those last two years of college. Then I went to Australia for a year and of course had to write about my experiences Down Under. Side note: All you have to do when you move overseas is recap your day, and it’s an instant hit for friends and family back home (travel! accents! kangaroos!).

This new space reflects a life stage change from my 2009 beginnings as I continue on through adulthood. I’m no longer Sarah the college student or Sarah the Australia adventurer or the even Sarah the newlywed. While I absolutely adored those seasons, I’m 27 now and in a new one. I’m not sure what this season is called, but  I am still growing in faith, in wisdom, and hopefully in love toward God and others.

I’m starting to see how life can fly by. Sometimes I get caught up in my routine and find myself struggling to pay attention to what’s going on both around me and in my own heart. I want to stop. I want to remember what’s happening now and not wait until I’m a more polished writer or a wise scholar or a mom or . . . whatever. I’m searching out how to live well in the sometimes stressful, sometimes mundane days. Can you relate? I want to write through it.

What’s Ahead
I don’t promise to have a tidy focus as far as what I post. It might be about running or a recipe or things I’m loving or a DIY. I might even try out my short story fiction writing skillz here. But I do promise to invite you along on the journey as I seek to soak up life and share what I feel is worth remembering with the truest words I have.

So, here we are. Grab a piping hot cuppa and join me as I continue on this beautiful, messy journey through life.

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