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36 Weeks and My Favorite Prenatal Workouts

Hi friends! Christmas is just N I N E days away. Woah. I hope you’re fully embracing the wonder of this season. With glowing lights, cooler temps, and extra festivities, there’s just nothing like it. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in busy, but really, this month is all about gazing into the face of God, who came as a newborn baby – Jesus! – to show us how to live and to make our broken lives whole. He gave it ALL. One little way I’ve been slowing down is to write out scripture on index cards and read them over when I have a few minutes. What are your favorite ways to slow down during the holidays?

Today marks four weeks until Juniper’s due date, and that feels very surreal. I’ve been into readying her room and trying to make it all cozy, washing her clothes, and reading up on all things labor and delivery. Alex installed her car seat, and we’ve attended what feels like all possible birth/breastfeeding/newborn classes. I’ll tell ya, it’s hard not to go overboard with all the info out there. I’ve had some moments of, um, shall we say “unease,” but mostly I just have to trust that God is preparing me for the days ahead. He is sovereign and always good.

I’m grateful to still be feeling well, though I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in energy these last couple of weeks. It’s very important to me that I listen to my body, so when I’m doing things that were no big deal a few weeks ago – like cooking over the stovetop for a while or cleaning or walking briskly – and I feel extra tired or my back starts aching, I try to listen to that and sit down. So I guess being 36 weeks pregnant is a good way to slow down during the holidays.

One unexpected thing I’ve been LOVING these days is yoga. My friend sweet friend Sarah is a yoga instructor and got me more interested in prenatal yoga a couple of months ago. As I’ve gotten further along in this pregnancy, I’ve been turning more to yoga instead of running. So about five days a week, I try to do a short yoga video (10-20 minutes) and walk a couple of miles also about 5 days a week (with some jogging mixed in if I feel up to it). Everything about yoga – the breathing, the gentle stretching, the focus on body and baby – leaves me feeling fresh and less fatigued than when I started. I’ve also been enjoying a couple of short and simple prenatal cardio workouts. I have never regretted one session, but again, it’s important that we listen to our bodies and modify or take a break when needed. Also, of course, make sure your doctor has given the green light to exercise.

So, for any pregnant mamas or anyone else who’s interested, I wanted to share my five favorite YouTube videos for pregnancy fitness. Let me know what you think if you try one!

Prenatal Morning Yoga Routine:

Prenatal Bedtime Yoga Routine:

10 Minute Pregnancy Yoga – Episode 4:

Pregnancy Workouts – Best 10 Minute Workout:

5 Minute Maternity Workout for 2nd Trimester: