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Happy belated Thanksgiving and first day of December, friends! I hope you had a delightful day of turkey and family that hopefully included a few extra moments to count your life’s blessings. Alex and I spent a few days in Arkansas with our families, and it was a joy. And to top it all off, our family and friends showered us with gifts and love for Juniper. We are grateful!

Speaking of gratitude,  it’s surely never too late to compose a gratitude list. Here are a few I’ve been thinking on lately: 

  • A God who is faithful and near no matter the season, never holding back His lavish love and perfect will. 
  • My husband, who is full of patience and humor and is so good at living in the moment and trusting God for the future. These 4 1/2 years with him in marriage have been a greater gift than I ever imagined.
  • Juniper Kate, who is 6 weeks (give or take hopefully not too many days) from making her grand debut. I’m so curious about who she is, and I pray she will be a bright light in this weary world. 
  • Friends near and far (including friends like you who encourage me to blog!)
  • Good health, especially during this pregnancy. I’m grateful to feel up for staying active (most days). 
  • God’s financial provision during Alex’s and my marriage and especially these last few months as we have moved to one income. 
  • The simple joys in life: a cold glass of water, the perfect planner, awesome Tex-Mex, an hour spent outside reading in the sunshine, the uncontrollable giggle of a baby. There is so much pain in life, and no one is immune. Yet God gives us joys big and small. Thank you Lord.
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What are you grateful for? I’m not sure whether you’re in a season marked by pain or joy, loss or expectancy. With the official Christmas countdown on, let’s find a few sacred moments to slow down and soak in the wonder of this season. Thanksgiving may be over, but I find more and more that every season is one for G R A T I U T U D E.


“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1.14