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36 Weeks and My Favorite Prenatal Workouts

Hi friends! Christmas is just N I N E days away. Woah. I hope you’re fully embracing the wonder of this season. With glowing lights, cooler temps, and extra festivities, there’s just nothing like it. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in busy, but really, this month is all about gazing into the face of God, who came as a newborn baby – Jesus! – to show us how to live and to make our broken lives whole. He gave it ALL. One little way I’ve been slowing down is to write out scripture on index cards and read them over when I have a few minutes. What are your favorite ways to slow down during the holidays?

Today marks four weeks until Juniper’s due date, and that feels very surreal. I’ve been into readying her room and trying to make it all cozy, washing her clothes, and reading up on all things labor and delivery. Alex installed her car seat, and we’ve attended what feels like all possible birth/breastfeeding/newborn classes. I’ll tell ya, it’s hard not to go overboard with all the info out there. I’ve had some moments of, um, shall we say “unease,” but mostly I just have to trust that God is preparing me for the days ahead. He is sovereign and always good.

I’m grateful to still be feeling well, though I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in energy these last couple of weeks. It’s very important to me that I listen to my body, so when I’m doing things that were no big deal a few weeks ago – like cooking over the stovetop for a while or cleaning or walking briskly – and I feel extra tired or my back starts aching, I try to listen to that and sit down. So I guess being 36 weeks pregnant is a good way to slow down during the holidays.

One unexpected thing I’ve been LOVING these days is yoga. My friend sweet friend Sarah is a yoga instructor and got me more interested in prenatal yoga a couple of months ago. As I’ve gotten further along in this pregnancy, I’ve been turning more to yoga instead of running. So about five days a week, I try to do a short yoga video (10-20 minutes) and walk a couple of miles also about 5 days a week (with some jogging mixed in if I feel up to it). Everything about yoga – the breathing, the gentle stretching, the focus on body and baby – leaves me feeling fresh and less fatigued than when I started. I’ve also been enjoying a couple of short and simple prenatal cardio workouts. I have never regretted one session, but again, it’s important that we listen to our bodies and modify or take a break when needed. Also, of course, make sure your doctor has given the green light to exercise.

So, for any pregnant mamas or anyone else who’s interested, I wanted to share my five favorite YouTube videos for pregnancy fitness. Let me know what you think if you try one!

Prenatal Morning Yoga Routine:

Prenatal Bedtime Yoga Routine:

10 Minute Pregnancy Yoga – Episode 4:

Pregnancy Workouts – Best 10 Minute Workout:

5 Minute Maternity Workout for 2nd Trimester:




What I See

Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday! We’ve arrived!

Even though I’m no longer at the office on Fridays counting down the hours until the weekend, Fridays will always hold a special place in my heart. Here’s what’s up with me + a few things I’m loving lately:

A T T E N D I N G  birthing prep classes. What is life that Alex and I are at this stage? I’m full of emotions lately as I think about labor and all of the “unknowns.” But when I fix my eyes on God it is all so much less scary. I believe there are some sweet times ahead.

R E D I S C O V E R I N G  tried and true Crock Pot meals like this and this. I recommend both 100 percent. This girl’s back and tummy start feeling it lately when I stand over a stove too long. Thankfully there is no shortage of Crock Pot meals in the world with little prep and lots of deliciousness!

T H A N K I N G  God more regularly for His gracious gifts during this month of Thanksgiving by writing down at least one thing I'[m grateful for each day. Just takes a minute, yet it changes my whole perspective.

P R A Y I N G for a deeper love for God’s Word and for spending time in it. BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) is a huge blessing in my life right now and is teaching me to dig deeper as we study Romans. Having access to the living Word of God is awe-inspiring!!

C O N S I D E R I N G two DIY projects: this wreath and this banner.

A D O R I N G  our baby girl’s name after months of tossing it around with Alex and waiting to see if it’s “the one.” Turns out it is! And check out this amazing sign my sweet, thoughtful friend Emilee made for Juniper! It’s surreal to think that in just a couple of months, this sign will be on the hospital door with all of the details filled out.

Your turn. What’s something you’re loving lately?
Happy weekending, friends!


What I Learn

Adventuring with Baby Bearden

There are less than 100 days until Baby B’s due date! Time is flying, but at the same time, I see and love how God is helping Alex and me savor this very sweet season.

Below, I answered some of the questions people most often ask. Not really. I just made up these questions just in case you wanted to know the answers. I also just want to remember these things.

When did you find out you were pregnant?

I found out on Alex’s birthday, May 20th, one week before we moved. While I hadn’t had any morning sickness, I woke up a few mornings that week feeling really thirsty and hungry, which was weird for me. And on my run the day before, I felt tired about 2 miles in to where I stopped running and walked home. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d cut a run short like that. It wasn’t like anything was hurting or wrong other than I just felt exhausted.

Anyway, on Saturday, May 20th, I woke up early to run with The Kenyan Way. We had plans to go to St. Arnold Brewery that afternoon to celebrate Alex’s birthday with friends, and I thought about how I didn’t want to drink beer on the off chance I was pregnant. So, literally the first thing I did at 5 am was take a pregnancy test. Within the minute, that little plus sign popped up and my heart skipped a beat or two. I walked out of the bathroom to rummage for a piece of paper in the kitchen and scribble “Happy Birthday Alex! (OMG)” on it to place next to the test. By the time I’d done that, Alex had gone into the bathroom and seen the test. He came out saying calmly, “Did you look at this yet?”

We both were pretty quiet as we drove to Memorial Park a few minutes later. I prayed a whole lot during that 10 mile run and just let myself go through all the emotions. Looking back, I think it was the best thing I could have done after finding out.

At 6 weeks, Baby Bearden was the size of a sweet pea!

How big is she now?

At 26 weeks, she is about 14 inches head to toe and 2 pounds. Depending on the pregnancy app, that could be comparable to a head of iceberg lettuce, scallions, or a Tickle-Me Elmo.

Here were are a couple of days ago at 26 weeks.


Watching her move around at my 20 week scan was one of my favorite moments ever!

At the risk of sounding cheesy, my favorite part is that there is a miracle growing inside of me. There’s just no denying how amazing God is to create life. I love that she kicks so often now. She especially wiggles and kicks when I am still – sitting with my feet propped up or when I’m laying down in bed. Knowing she is alive and doing her thing is such a comfort and I continually thank God for the gift. She is already a bundle of joy. I really do like the growing belly, though it seems to feel cuter and littler in the morning than at the end of the day.

Have you had any weird cravings?

No, unless ice cream and pickles count (not together…ew).  I’m more opinionated about food – how much, how often, what I eat – than ever before, and I *try* to eat mostly healthy. Alex is still waiting for an urgent “I need a Grande Chalupa meal from Taco Bell PRONTO” middle-of-the-night wake up from me. (He loves that place J)

What’s hard about being pregnant for you?

Frequent potty trips. I’m no stranger to drinking lots of water throughout the day and therefore lots of bathroom breaks, but it has gotten out of hand. Also I’m starting to wake up more during the night needing to change positions (and of course to use the bathroom) and with lots of thoughts swirling around in my mind.

How are you feeling?

Physically, I feel great. Sure, by this point, there are a couple of things I could complain about (see above) but overall I feel really good. Also, I’ve felt uncomfortable running at times over the last few weeks and so have begun to walk/run more. I’ve also started doing some prenatal yoga, which feels relaxing and wonderful. I plan to stay active, whether that’s with running, walking, yoga, swimming, whatever, as long as it is safe and not painful.

Emotionally, I have had a handful of out-of-nowhere heavy cries, mostly in front of Alex. He is awesome at letting me cry it out and not making me feel crazy. Being pregnant is stretching me spiritually, which I think is probably just a glimpse of how motherhood will stretch me. When faced with something I’ve never experienced before (in this case, growing a baby, laboring, and becoming a mom), I tend to worry. But God, He is SO gracious. Over and over He shows me that if I will just look into his face and trust in His goodness, no matter the outcome, this doesn’t have to be so scary. And He has provided awesome mom friends to speak truth about this season and help prepare me for what to expect in labor and motherhood.

Do you have a name for Baby B?

No. Naming a child feels like a huge responsibility and is more difficult than I ever thought it’d be! Alex and I have a running list of our favorites. At this point I think it could be fun to narrow it down to two and wait until she’s born when we can look at her and decide which one fits best. J

How can I pray for you?

I would cherish your prayers for a full-term, continued healthy pregnancy and delivery. Most of all, please pray that I will trust Jesus with each little and big thing that comes along and that our baby girl will someday too. Please pray He continues to grow Alex and me in wisdom and in our marriage and prepares us for the journey of parenthood.

Thank you for sharing the joy with us!

I want to acknowledge that while baby talk and bump pics can be full of joy for some, they can bring heartache for others. For those who have experienced loss, infertility, or are in the hopeful yet uncertain season of longing, I just want to say you are not alone, and most of all, God sees you and loves you deeply.